About BioBased Insulation®

Spray foam is the most effective insulation on the market because it forms an air barrier around your structure—reducing leaks while it insulates. But until recently, all spray foam insulations were petroleum-based and used ozone-depleting chemicals during application.

In 2003 BioBased Insulation® introduced the first soy-based and water-blown spray foam insulation to be ICC-rated (ESR 1383). We have continued developing new and more sustainable insulation products that incorporate natural, renewable ingredients, such as Agrol® — a 96% pure bio-polyol.

When used with other responsible building practices, you can typically
save up to 50% on heating and cooling costs which means you use less energy, reducing your CO2 emissions and your carbon footprint.
BioBased Insulation® also supports farmers and reduces our dependence on petroleum products.

Structures insulated with BioBased Insulation® are healthier, more comfortable and more durable because the product expands upon application to seal stud-to-stud and does not break down over time.

All BioBased Insulation® products are tested to ASTM standards and installed by certified dealers trained in product application and building science, so you can trust the quality of our product and its installation.

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